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Bulli, 'Julius' Colli Piacentini Frizzante Bolle Macerato NV

Bulli, 'Julius' Colli Piacentini Frizzante Bolle Macerato NV

Country: Italy

Region: Emiglia-Romagna

Appellation: Colli Piacentini

ABV: 12.0 %

Bulli is a traditional Emilia-Romagna producer that here creates what the nonni (grandparents) used to call BolleMacerato. Bolle is the often used slang abbreviation of bollincine, literally 'bubbles.' They use the local aromatic grape Malvasia di Candia
and macerate it for 5 days on the skins. No added SO2; limestone rich soils. Practicing organic.

FERMENTATION: metodo ancestrale bottle fermented method. 5 days of maceration on the skins. Soft press of the skins. 10 - 15 day primary fermentation, with wine being vinified dry to less than 1gr/l of residual sugar. After winter (circa 3-4 months) grape must from the same vintage is added for secondary fermentation so wine is sparkling for spring.


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