About Us

Husband and wife Damien and Shree Carney moved to Petaluma in 2019 and quickly began to pursue their longtime dream of opening a neighborhood wine store.  The couple drew upon Damien’s 15+ years of experience in the wine industry, Shree’s passion for minimalist design, and their years together sharing food and wine with friends.  

Damien found his passion for wine in the fine dining restaurants of New York City, studying and working as a sommelier.  Seeking a more direct connection with winemakers, Damien joined the legendary importer Skurnik Wines as Spanish and French Portfolio Manager where he honed his extensive knowledge of European wines with yearly visits to legendary producers from Burgundy to Rioja.  With two young children, Damien and Shree answered the call of year-round sunshine and lemon trees, moving the family to California.  There, as the Director of Sales for Martine’s Wines, Damien had the opportunity to work for another legendary company while experiencing the energy of the California wine world up close.   

Once they found the space on the Boulevard in downtown Petaluma, they knew they had found the perfect spot.  With Avinage, the couple has tried to create a neighborhood wine store as well as a community meeting place for all things wine related.