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Lectores Vini, 'Pomagrana' Trepat Conca de Barbera 2021

Lectores Vini, 'Pomagrana' Trepat Conca de Barbera 2021

Country: Spain

Region: Catalonia

Appellation: Conca de Barbera

ABV: 11.0 %

This wine really captures what Fredi Torres likes as a winemaker. It is somewhere in the margins. It's somewhere between red and rosé - I guess 'chillable red' is the term these days. It has low alcohol and can be drank in copious amounts just for pleasure, but it also has a depth and complexity that one can ponder over. It's fresh and naturally made, farmed organically, utterly delicious, quite unique and fairly priced. What's not to love?
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