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Chateau Combel-la-Serre, 'Chez Carbo' Malbec Cotes-du-Lot 2021

Chateau Combel-la-Serre, 'Chez Carbo' Malbec Cotes-du-Lot 2021

Country: France

Region: Southwest

Appellation: Cotes-du-Lot

ABV: 12.5 %

Julien Ilbert runs this estate with energy, vivacity, and a dedication to high quality wines. Certified organic since 2015, this estate hasn't seen the use of chemicals for many years prior to that. All the reds are 100% Malbec (locally called Auxerrois) without addition of Bordeaux varietals or Tannat or Negrette.

This wine comes from a single vinyeard that produces very juicy grapes that lend themselves to carbonic maceration. It just so happens to be behind the house of Mr. Carbonier, who everyone calls Carbo. So the wine's full name is "La vigne juste derriere chez Carbo" or "The Vine Just Behind Carbo's House". Get it?

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